The Drop: Creative Insights

Each week, our team would crowdsource some of the most interesting things we’ve found in every corner of the internet, added insight from our respective roles in creative, research, insights, strategy, planning, and digital work. As curious thinkers, we'd capture our perspectives on one of the week’s most interesting topics – and called it 'The Drop'.

Developing thought leadership

As someone who is fascinated with humans, technology and the role we play in society, I love gathering insights from cultural and timely moments and hosting important conversations. At Hotwire, I did this for a series I branded, The Drop.

With the move to remote work, it allowed me to foster connections and hear new perspectives from my team, while challenging me to develop engaging long-form video and interactive content using Adobe Premiere, Ceros and After Effects.

The content


: Crystal Frankenbery, Judy Chu, Austin Stewart