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I'm Crystal Frankenbery.

I hope we get the chance to meet so you can tell me your story, but in the meantime here is mine.

Graduating from Seattle University in 2014, I started my post-graduate life with a solo backpacking trip to New Zealand. I instantly fell in love with trying out new places, while getting to do what I love. Since then I’ve travelled to 29 countries, and have lived in, Seattle, Paris, Prague, Portland, and Phoenix.

I’ve always had a fascination with technology, finding ways to film my childhood adventures with my Sony camcorder. While I was working at the Apple Store, I’d buy new products right when they hit the shelves. My passion for tech has been interwoven through my career as a graphic designer. I nerd out on the possibilities of Chat GPT, or how you can create winning PowerPoint Presentations. Since I’ve worked for many tech-industry disruptors and Fortune 500 companies. My knowledge of the landscape elevates my work, regardless of the client I am working with.

Digital is a powerful medium, but it’s important to know that I live for the outdoors. In my free time you can find me hanging my hammock in the mountains or driving around aimlessly listening to music. I’m the best road trip partner one could ask for, and have a playlist for just about any mood. Music has always been able to offer me creative fuel. I love to dabble in ukulele, harmonica, guitar, and piano.

other fun frankenbery facts:

My first freelance client I landed while I was working at the Apple store in Lynwood, WA.

Lover of house plants, tea, and beautiful branding,

My first job was at Taco Time NW, and if you ask anyone they will tell you I am their biggest fan. I grew up eating it after summiting mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

My dream job would be to use my creativity to advance female and minority-led companies that are passionate about making a difference in the world.

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