Starbucks #ToBeAGraduate

Starbucks College Achievement (SCAP) program empowers employees to advance their careers by providing them with the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree through Arizona State University. Over the course of two days, our team filmed social-friendly content, sharing personal stories and documenting the journey to graduation.


Driving social impact

I first heard about Starbucks' graduate program a few years ago while grabbing breakfast at my local store. Little did I know I would eventually have the opportunity to play a part in documenting the program firsthand. During the two-day event, I captured social-friendly stories of employee resilience, determination, and dreams for their future as they walked to graduation. All content was then passed on to the Starbucks marketing team to share on company social platforms.






This program continues to be expanded upon and used by the Starbucks internal marketing team to elevate the stories of Starbucks partners who have graduated from ASU over the years. Starbucks' commitment to employees and their development should inspire brands to effect positive change in the world.

“Crystal brought a level of enthusiasm and dedication that truly elevated the final product. I couldn't have asked for a better collaborator, and I look forward to working together again in the future.”

Sam VeatchVideo Director, Touch Worldwide


Photography: Shelly Ivy
Videography: Crystal Frankenbery, Sam Veatch, Jose Rivas
Social + Copywriting: Jose Rivas