How Cricut is empowering women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, our team commissioned third party research and surveyed female consumers' attitudes, behaviors, and aspirations towards mental health, inspiration, and the importance of having a creative outlet in their lives. My role was to then take this survey data and design it in a way to excite media and reach a wide audience.


Encouraging creativity

International Women's Day presents a unique challenge when it comes to securing news coverage for a client due to the sheer volume of pitches flooding media outlets. With everyone vying for attention and trying to capitalize on the significance of the holiday, our team took a different storytelling approach for our client using paid placements to expand the reach of this survey data, including The Daily Skimm newsletter and Refinery 29.

Using the research, we sought to inspire women to embrace their hobbies, particularly crafting, and recognize the potential of Cricut as a tool for self-expression and creativity.

Flowers serve not only as nice decorative additions but also representation of blossoming creativity. From insights into mental health awareness to the transformative power of creative pursuits, I wanted to design the information in an engaging and creative way.

The infographic


Account PR Team: Pelosaari, Azizza Brinson,
Design: Crystal Frankenbery


Cricut received over 11 million unique visitors to their site during Women's History Month.

“This completely surpassed what our team was envisioning. Thank you for your incredibly beautiful work!”

Caitlin Wallace HadleyDirector of Influencer marketing, Social & PR, Cricut