Special Archives – Crystal Frankenbery
Crystal Frankenbery is a freelance graphic designer from Seattle, WA specializing in branding, social content, and marketing. She is a Seattle University Graduate.
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From The Ground Up Socks

Built for all walks of life, From The Ground Up is a Pacific Northwest-based brand specializing in high-quality merino wool hiking socks. All their socks are made and sourced in the USA. I was fortunate enough to model for their Mount Pilchuck sock release, which is a mountain very near and dear to my heart. Growing up in Lake Stevens, it was basically in my backyard and served as a great day hike with my family.

They currently have a popup retail store, where you can find me modeling! Check it out in South Lake Union, and follow them on instagram!

Interior Design / Decoration

Is a rug in my kitchen practical? Probably not. Does it posses a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’? Peut être. I think I might have a slight obsession with nesting. When I first started backpacking in 2015, I found myself starting to carry string lights for my tent, small kitchen items that made cooking meals more enjoyable, and other little things like this. You can say I have a knack for always making myself and my guests feel at home. These projects include small touches I’ve made to my apartment, along with other implementations on my constant quest for cozy.

Adventure Videos

When I look back on my life, I want to remember those little moments between my photographs. The song I choose best represents the adventure. Warning – videos contain a lot of singing and some pretty awesome dance moves.

Three Little Birds

Social media is a powerful tool and something that I really enjoy providing for my clients. We revamped Tony Johnson’s Facebook and Instagram to portray his magic shop based in Raglan, New Zealand. I learned how to macrame ‘net’claces and basically spent a week surfing and being creative while backpacking through the country in 2015.



I had the opportunity of meeting Tony and getting to photograph his apparel and jewelry. Be on the lookout for an online shop soon!

Typography Watercolor Calendar

I love typography so much sometimes it hurts. This particular design was a project that developed from my interests in emotion and how the weather and environment can change your day and overall mood. The calendar starts as a blank canvas and each day you would apply watercolor a white-wax number to correspond with the color/mood you are feeling. The type is Futura.