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Crystal Frankenbery is a freelance graphic designer from Seattle, WA specializing in branding, social content, and marketing. She is a Seattle University Graduate.
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Stash Mailchimp Templates

Stash Hotel Rewards loves to feature boutique independent hotels in their network. What better way to do this than targeting using email marketing? It’s always a fun challenge creating something with compelling visuals and impactful typography that will convert and provide good click-thru rates. We often use beautiful photography from Unsplash and combine them with our partner hotel photography and the Stash brand to really set these promotions up for success.

The marketing campaign, Double Points, launched June 5th, 2017 and was expected to hit over 600,000 email recipients through Facebook and Instagram. The goal here was to choose compelling partner hotel photography that sparked the desire to travel.

Three Little Birds

Social media is a powerful tool and something that I really enjoy providing for my clients. We revamped Tony Johnson’s Facebook and Instagram to portray his magic shop based in Raglan, New Zealand. I learned how to macrame ‘net’claces and basically spent a week surfing and being creative while backpacking through the country in 2015.



I had the opportunity of meeting Tony and getting to photograph his apparel and jewelry. Be on the lookout for an online shop soon!