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Crystal Frankenbery is a freelance graphic designer from Seattle, WA specializing in branding, social content, and marketing. She is a Seattle University Graduate.
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WE Agency Brand Guidelines Visual Identity Refresh Design

WE Brand Refresh

At WE Communications, people are at the heart of everything we do. From our spirited designs, clear typography and bold purpose, our brand is rooted in the belief that communications are the catalyst for change.

Our brand was 5 years old when I was tasked with coming up with a refresh to carry us forward into the future. I took our small color palette of orange and green and introduced new options to create duotone overlays, which effectively expanded our color palette to visually represent our boldness and provided a way to transform stock photography.

Along with refreshed branding guidelines, I also created new PowerPoint templates, branded Whitepaper templates, and email signatures to use agency-wide. We are currently working on making improvements to the website

Power BI Whitepaper

As a Production Designer with the C+E Brand Team at Microsoft, I worked with the Brand Manager to carry expression through products such as Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power BI. It is crucial to maintain a consistent brand no matter the collateral and this specific project was no exception. For this 32-page white paper, we created a clear white paper template. I was given the content and diagrams that I had to convert in the Power BI brand style.

Built using: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Download the White Paper

Delsey Paris Luggage

Delsey Paris Luggage design is evocative of the typical Parisian architecture, known for it’s elegance and expertise. The Chatelet series brings to mind the vintage design of the past, with a chic and modern twist. I worked with Delsey when I lived in Paris and loved taking this bag on my travels around Porto, Portugal.

Healthcare Whitepaper

The healthcare industry saves lives, cures disease and makes us healthier and happier, yet many consumers view it with apathy. Dive into this 12 page white paper to explore all the challenges this industry faces when it comes to evolving their communications strategies and earning consumer love.

The goal of this project was to share our health sector’s well-informed perspective—and educate clients and prospects about the depth and flexibility of WE’s Brands in Motion findings. I led the design from start to finish, working with the content team collaboratively.

When laying out content for a white paper, it’s important to first consider printing specifications before designing for digital, even if it will be the primary source of output. Sourcing authentic-feeling healthcare stock photography is also a fun challenge. Take a look at the full whitepaper here.

Powerpoint Pitch Deck Template

Killa Expeditions

In October 2018, I set out with a group of 12 friends to Peru. We chose to trek with Killa Expeditions after searching for an ethical company following sustainable practices and LNT (Leave No Trace). During our Salkantay Trek, we created videos, photos, stories, and more. After the trek, I worked with their co-founder to create a branded pitch deck template with over 25+ customizable slides, including some of my photography of our wonderful guide, Frank.

Learn more about Killa Expeditions, and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

PMG Website & Rebrand

As a Senior Graphic Designer at PMG, I worked on updating our visual identity into a comprehensive brand book, setting guidelines that would ensure we maintain a balance between telling our company story and converting our target audience.

I spearheaded the design for PMG’s new website, setting rules for the gradients, typography, and icon styles, which all fits into meeting the needs of our B2B visitors. I worked hand-in-hand with PMG’s Director of Digital to marry form and function for a website designed to drive conversions. I also designed foundational B2B content including our brand style book, powerpoint templates, infographics, blog posts headers, and more. Check out our latest infographic about Account-Based Marketing by following the link below:



Indepth Excavation Construction Contractor Website Design by Crystal Frankenbery

Indepth Excavation

In Depth Excavation offers professional service in Skagit, King, and Snohomish County. With over 20 years in the field of excavation they are equipped to handle all your earth work, land clearing, and demolition needs. Check out their website I designed using WordPress Divi theme!


CSG Services

CSG Services is an all encompassing Sales and Marketing firm. Playing off of their logo, we developed a brand to represent their corporate office in Bellevue, WA. We gave their visitors access to a diverse set of resources; services from fully managed and maintained sales and marketing teams, to filling single seat requests from that hard to find requisition, to everything in between.
We designed their website to be as simple as possible to find the right solution for a business, and direct them to the correct channel while making it easy to get in touch with an expert.



SONS Football

We got a commerce website up and running for Kyle Lien, father and inventor of Standardized Offensive Number System. His apparel was designed specifically to fit youth football players learning the game for the first time. The goal is to help young players learn the proper holes to run through (while looking pretty cool). I took the photos for his website and incorporated them into his Email Newsletter.

We were going for a simple design that heavily relied on imagery to showcase his apparel.