Infographics – Crystal Frankenbery
Crystal Frankenbery is a freelance graphic designer from Seattle, WA specializing in branding, social content, and marketing. She is a Seattle University Graduate.
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I love a challenge, and an infographic design is no exception. Getting to pair content to creative involves exploring a brand and their thought leadership. I have designed infographics for both agencies and top fortune 500 companies and am very proud of the work shown.

A quick google search of ‘Intel 5g infographic’ will result in the work I did while working at PMG. We worked exclusively with Intel’s 5G team to deliver visual storytelling about what the future of 5G will bring to industries such as smart cities, agriculture, transportation, media, and more.

At Microsoft, I designed a visual infographic explaining the difference between containers and virtual machines and running on cloud for Microsoft Azure.


B2B, Digital